Direct dialogue

Dialogue consists in focusing the attention of management in the companies in which our funds and Sicav sub-funds invest on trying to improve corporate practices, adopt more sustainable practices and develop increasingly transparent and effective processes.


The importance of dialogue

In our approach to responsible investment dialogue with companies represents an indispensable aspect because it enables us get to know the company better and assess its policies and practices more closely, with the aim of urging it to adopt more sustainable and responsible behaviours.

Dialogue occurs through written requests for information, conference calls and meetings with management and aim to press companies to put in place policies and processes, and publish clear and complete information on their environmental, social and governance performance and implement monitoring tools to identify any critical issues and areas of improvement.

Long-term value added

Our dialogue activity, conducted either independently or in conjunction with networks of investors active in these areas, such as PRI, ICCR, CDP and SfC, fosters improvement of business in ESG, enabling Etica Sgr to have a direct influence in producing positive effects for all stakeholders.

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