Responsible investment

Responsible investment by Etica Funds: by choosing our ethical mutual funds you can give value to your savings in a manner that is respectful of the environment and human rights by investing in the real economy and rewarding companies and countries that adopt virtuous practices.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

This section contains further information regarding the sustainability disclosure pursuant to SFDR. In particular, it provides access to the Etica Funds Sustainable, Responsible Investment Policy. Users may also analyse the document Principal adverse sustainability impacts, which characterises the main negative impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors.

Selection of securities
la selezione dei titoli - Investimento responsabile

The selection of equities and bonds for Etica’s funds follows a rigorous proprietary methodology. Each security included in the Investable Universe must pass a twin screening process: the application of negative exclusion criteria to rule out certain sectors or activities and positive evaluation criteria based on sustainability. The work of our ESG Analysis and Research Team is broadened by in-depth investigations depending on the particular contingencies of daily events.

ESG risk
Rischio ESG

ESG Risk is a proprietary methodology that calculates the risk deriving from Environmental, Social and Governance factors to measure the impact on the performance of securities in a mutual fund. This metric calculates risk ascribable to ESG problems that impact the securities in a mutual fund.

Engagement by Etica Funds
Engagement di Etica Sgr

By engaging with the companies in which our funds invest we set out to urge them to adopt sustainable and responsible practices in the medium-long term. Engagement is through dialogue with management and the exercise of voting rights attached to our shareholdings in capital. In its role as shareholder Etica Funds takes an active part in the shareholders’ meetings of the firms in which its funds invest on a series of environmental, social and governance issues and priorities.

Our impact
Impatto di Etica Sgr

The impact of Etica Funds manifests itself in two phases. The first is an ex ante impact regarding the choice of clients to devolve 0.1% of their invested capital (1 euro every 1000) in favour of an Etica fund that guarantees microfinance projects and crowdfunding initiatives in Italy selected and managed by Banca Etica. The second is an ex-post impact consisting in the drafting of the Impact Report, the document that effectively measures the impact of our work in screening securities and engagement with the firms in which our funds invest.

CSR and Integrated Financial Statements
CSR e Bilancio Integrato di Etica Sgr

Corporate social responsibility is a founding principle that sets apart, not only our organizational structure and activities, but also the way we relate with all our stakeholders. Our efforts are geared to achieving measurable results, which we publish in a series of periodical reports.