Since 2005 Etica SGR is part of ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility), a network of more than 300 American investor, either religious or not, managing over 100 billion dollars.

ICCR began in 1971 when representatives from a number of Protestant denominations joined together to challenge the role of banks and companies in Apartheid South Africa. For nearly four decades, ICCR has merged social and environmental values with investment decisions, believing as long-term investors, since one must achieve more than an acceptable financial return.

ICCR operates in several ways:

  • Efforts to promote dialogue among company management.
  • Development of relationships within social groups characterized by awareness to the same issues.
  • Teamwork with local communities and organizations.

Every year Etica SGR joins the organization’s general meeting in New York.

For more information www.iccr.org

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