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The banca etica group in brief

Banca Etica Group offers a range of complementary financial services and to promote cultural, environmental and human rights issues.

Banca Etica

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Banca Etica was Italy’s first ethical finance bank founded in March 1999 with the goal of financing social cooperation, environmental protection and civil society and sustaining the non-profit and fair trade economy.

It is an innovative bank, the only one in Italy whose activities, financial and cultural, are inspired by the principles of ethical finance: transparency, the right to access creditefficiency and attention to the non-economic consequences of economic behaviour.

Its guiding aim is to orient its asset management and lending activity towards socio-economic initiatives that pursue social ends with full respect for human  dignity and nature. Banca Etica, the flagship of Banca Etica Group, today has 17 branches in Italy and a broad network of agents (authorized off-site financial advisors) across the country.

Saving for the individual and the common good

Banca Etica Group sees saving as a good for the individual that can also help further the common good of the collectivity.

Under this vision, saving takes on a twin importance:

  • Personal, in that by setting aside their resources, individuals assure themselves an answer to their future needs or plans.
  • Social, thus creating a good common, in that the wealth remains individual, but through financial intermediation is put back into circulation as credit for people and organizations in need. This is why we set out to provide non speculative investment opportunities designed to protect the purchasing power of the assets and finance organizations working for the common good, encouraging responsible practices through engaged and critical shareholder activism.

(From the Banca Etica Manifesto)

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Ethical finance foundation

The Ethical Finance Foundation was constituted in 2003 within the Banca Etica network which operates in Italy and overseas to disseminate the principles of Ethical Finance.


The Foundation actively contributes to the debate on questions related to the cultural reform of finance and the banking system in a perspective of ethical practice and social utility in the social and environmental spheres. It also promotes the principles and criteria behind a  more conscious and responsible deployment of wealth, advocating and working online to highlight the problems of the economy and the financial system and raise awareness among the public, the institutions and the economic operators of the non-economic consequences of economic activity.

The Ethical Finance Foundation is convinced of the need for substantial reform of the current economic model in favour of an economy capable of managing our environmental and societal limitations more positively.
All its work over recent years has been geared towards this end.

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