Ethical funds – Institutional investor

Our sustainable and responsible funds

Etica Sgr’s sustainable and responsible investment funds aim to deliver medium-long term performance opportunities based on the real economy and rewarding businesses and countries that adopt virtuous environmental, social and governance practices (ESG).

Our ethical funds are available in Class I, but also in income accumulation Class R and income distribution Class RD.

Sistema Etica - Futuri Responsabili Line

The Etica Sgr Futuri Responsabili Line of funds pays particular attention to one specific area of investment. Currently the Line is made up of one mutual fund, Etica Impatto Clima, which focuses on the theme of climate change.

Before subscribing, please read the KIIDs and Prospectus available from placing agents.

The placement of the “Linea Valori Responsabili” and “Linea Futuri Sostenibili” funds is only available in Italy. For further information, please refer to the Italian version of the website.


Operating information

The rules for institutional investors are as follows:

  • The cut-off time for investment is 2 p.m. CET.
  • Subscriptions must be made for an amount and not a number of shares.
  • The funds carry no entry, exit or performance fees and no flat fees.
  • Investment is exempt from the 0.1% voluntary contribution towards a fund supporting microfinance projects and to finance crowdfunding initiatives, unless otherwise expressly stated by the client.

Transaction timings

Transaction Order Date NAV Date Regulation Date Settlement Date
Subscription T T T + 1 T
Switch In T T T + 1 T + 1
Switch Out T T T + 1 T + 1
Reimbursement T T T + 1 T + 3