Stakeholder engagement

The dialogue we have sustained for years with our stakeholders is motivated by an intention to align our strategy as far as possible with their expectations.

Besides stimulating suggested improvements and making it easier to report any complaints, constant dialogue with our key stakeholders helps us get a clearer picture of our mutual expectations and identify the most important issues and adjust our behaviour as a consequence.

The mechanism of dialogue depends on the type of stakeholder – factors such as the number of people involved or their physical remoteness – and include online or paper questionnaires, focus groups and telephone interviews.

  • Employees and contractors

    Employees and contractors are among our most important stakeholders and with them dialogue and interaction is continuous. We carry out periodical employee satisfaction surveys to reveal strengths and weaknesses and identify areas in which we can improve the working environment, in terms of career paths, training, motivation and work-life balance.  These surveys give us a good indication of the success of our efforts to make our organizational process more efficient.

  • Clients

    Dialogue with clients is achieved either through the placing agents or more directly via online questionnaires and telephone interviews.

    We directly polled our private and institutional clients to measure their satisfaction with our services. What emerged was that they wanted to know more about our financing activities across the country; as a result every year we include in our Integrated Financial Statements a case history of one of the projects backed by the microfinance and crowdfunding fund.

    Thanks to clients’ recommendations, we have implemented richer web site functions, such as the Private Area which gives every client clearer visibility of their position or the option to choose the dematerialization of paper communications to reduce environmental damage.

  • Suppliers

    We have strengthened our relationship with suppliers through ISO 90012015 quality certification, where we revised the accreditation requisites and distinguished between “critical” and “non-critical” suppliers.

    With critical suppliers we held meetings and examined our socio-environmental reporting process, reinforcing the concepts outlined in the Code of Ethics that inspire our social responsibility policies. The suppliers expressed a high level of satisfaction with relations with the company, acknowledging that the shared values and a clear definition of expectations facilitate mutual collaboration.

  • Companies

    Dialogue with companies is constructive and continual: besides attending shareholders’ meetings, we meet with many companies at least once a year, focusing primarily (but not only) on the Italian companies in our Investable Universe.

    The companies recognise Etica Sgr’s authoritative position on social responsibility and, to varying degrees, show an interest in questions of sustainable and ethical investment and attention to improving their own practices.

  • Other stakeholders

    Our dialogue with the community includes training initiatives, workshops, conventions and meetings on issues of ethical finance and sustainable development, as well as maintaining continual relations and communications with experts, journalists, advisors, academics and researchers, and the national and international financial community and trade unions.

Before subscribing, please read the KIDs and Prospectus available from placing agents.

The placement of the “Linea Valori Responsabili” and “Linea Futuri Sostenibili” funds is only available in Italy. For further information, please refer to the Italian version of the website.