Corporate Social responsibility

The socially responsible company must pursue the goal of profitability and the broader goal of generating value for shareholders and all stakeholders.

Responsabilità sociale di Etica Sgr

Integrating social responsibility with company management means taking into consideration the effects of business activities on all those who are directly or indirectly involved: customers, employees, suppliers, investors, companies, local communities, institutions and future generations.

By adopting the definition of CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility) proposed by ABI we believe that, besides profits and economic success, the socially responsible company must set itself the goal of creating value not only for the shareholders and partners, but for all the stakeholders.

Our view of social responsibility

In our Articles of Association, we propose to “represent the values of ethical finance in financial markets and focus the attention of the public on socially responsible investment and corporate social responsibility” (Article 4).  Corporate social responsibility is, therefore, a founding principle that sets apart, not only our organizational structure and activities, but also the way we relate with all our stakeholders.


Policy, management, strategies and results

Our efforts in social responsibility are oriented towards achieving measurable results, which we publish in a series of periodical reports.

In our Social Responsibility Policy we set out the values that inspire our work, identify the expectations we share with our stakeholders and illustrate our strategic criteria.

The indicators used in the document are based on the sustainability reporting standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a no-profit organization that promotes sustainable economic development.

In the document Management Strategies and Social Responsibility Reporting Indicators we explain our approach to the various issues and how, through materiality analysis and stakeholder engagement, we identify the most important aspects on which to focus.

The material aspects described in the document are associated, where pertinent, with one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs.

To enable stakeholders to assess our adherence to the strategic commitments, we use key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the results of the activities we consider most important and publish them in our Integrated Financial Statements.

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