Microfinance projects

Our customers can choose to donate 0.1% of the invested capital to a fund that guarantees microfinance projects.

When investing in our ethical funds you can choose to devolve 0.1% of invested capital (1 euro every 1000) in favour of an Etica Sgr fund that guarantees microfinance projects and supports high social and environmental impact crowdfunding initiatives.  The projects and initiatives are selected and run by Banca Etica.

With the quota destined to microfinance we guarantee Banca Etica loans to finance:

  • people who find themselves in severe social and economic distress;
  • people who wish to start their own businesses;
  • social cooperatives in need of capital.

Results of our microfinancing activities

The sum devolved to guarantee microfinance projects amounts to 4.5 million euros, against which Banca Etica has been able to provide 900 loans from 2003 – the first year of the fund – through till the end of 2021.

Of the 102 loans provided in 2021, 101 were managed directly by Banca Etica and 1 in partnership.

4.5 mln €

Amount devolved


Total loans provided


Loans provided

We believe in supporting the real economy, and more than 69% of loans provided in 2021 were for entrepreneurial initiatives. The remaining 31% went to charitable schemes. As in the past, we have once again devolved 0.1% of the fees earned on our funds, for a total 92,691 euros.

Loans provided in 2021

69 %

Entrepreneurial initiatives

31 %

Charitable initiatives

The total amount devolved in 2021 to to guarantee microfinance projects is 5.6 million euros.


Before subscribing, please read the KIDs and Prospectus available from placing agents.

The placement of the “Linea Valori Responsabili” and “Linea Futuri Sostenibili” funds is only available in Italy. For further information, please refer to the Italian version of the website.