Etica Azionario and Etica Bilanciato receive the Gea Finance Award

The Etica Azionario and Etica Bilanciato funds were recipients of the “GEA Finance Award”, the first award in Italy dedicated to collective investment funds classified pursuant to Art. 9 of Regulation EU 2019/2088 or SFDR.
These funds were included among the most virtuous in terms of sustainability, and stood out for their risk/return ratio efficiency in their reference categories.

A step closer to sustainability

The Gea Finance Award is recognised by Withub, the editor of the Green Economy Agency (GEA) press office, which focuses on the ecological transition and sustainability.
In conjunction with Fida, the leader in analysing financial rating and ESG data, Withub drew up a ranking of the 10 best collective investment funds.

The goal? To encourage the world of asset management to increase investments in the ecological transition. More specifically, the award seeks to facilitate Italian and European companies and the production system in achieving the climate targets set in Fit for 55, to reach Net zero by 2050.

The role of finance in a sustainable economy

Etica Azionario and Etica Bilanciato were the only Italian funds included in the ranking.
This award, representing significant recognition for Etica Funds, once again highlights the crucial role that finance can play in driving private savings towards a more sustainable economy, which can generate value for the environment and companies over the longer term.

Gea Finance Award

Fondo azionario in Euro Equity fund in Euros
Fondo in Euro Fund in Euros
Volatilità Volatility

The Award was presented during the “Green Economy Finance – The role of finance and savings in support of the ecological transition” event that was held in Rome on Thursday, 22 June, during the “David Sassoli” Europe Experience. The event also included various debates on the role of finance and savings in promoting the investments needed for the ecological transition.

The Method

The method used to draw up the list of the 10 best collective investment funds was based on a joint analysis of the level of sustainability, assessed in relation to the SFDR regulation and a third system, the FIDA ESG Rating, as well as the fund’s ability to achieve significant results in terms of return and risk, based on the FIDA Rating system. In this regard, funds belonging to the “reference universe” that met the “selection criteria” were recognised.

Reference universe:

Italian and foreign collective investment funds sold in Italy, retail classes.

Selection criteria:

  1. Funds complying with Art. 9 of SFDR.
  2. Maximum sustainability level measured using the FIDA ESG Rating (5 wish trees)
  3. Excellent performance in terms of risk and return measured using the FIDA Rating (4 and 5 crowns)

For more information, and to review the classification, reference is made to the GEA Agency website.


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