H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index: Etica Funds first in Italy and sixth in Europe

H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index 2020: Etica Funds ranks sixth and is the first and only Italian firm among Europe’s top 10 asset management companies most “genuinely committed” to sustainability.

Etica has burst onto the H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index, immediately entering the top 10 as an Avant-Gardist manager in the ESG area, therefore demonstrating a strong, above-average commitment to promoting sustainable development through its brand. This shows that the commitment to sustainability is not linked to the amount of assets under management.

Moreover, Etica is the highest-ranked company in Southern Europe and is second among boutique firms (managers with assets of up to €20 billion at 31 December 2019), which account for over one third of the companies analysed.

The H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index 2020 report


The Hirschel & Kramer Responsible Investment Brand Index report, which can be downloaded online for free, has now reached its third edition. The objective of the study is to analyse which asset management companies in Europe are genuinely committed to environmental, social and governance issues. The index has expanded the number of European investment companies it analyses to 284 and added further depth to its assessment methodology.

Assessment dimensions

The H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index report analyses companies from two perspectives:

  • the manager’s commitment to invest responsibly through “concrete actions”, such as committing to collective initiatives on sustainable development or publishing proxy voting activity. Seven criteria are reviewed in this category, including the quality of listed equity voting, the strategy and the governance of responsible investment;
  • how the company’s intentions have emanated through the brand. Eight qualitative criteria were assessed here, including purpose statements and how the value systems that aim to make a positive difference to society are expressed.

Asset manager classification

In the H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index report, asset managers are classified as:

  • Avant-Gardist: above average on commitment rating and brand rating (19% of all firms analysed, including Etica).
  • Traditionalist: above average on commitment rating and below average on brand rating (28% of all firms analysed).
  • Aspirant: above average on brand rating and below average on commitment rating (6% of all firms analysed).
  • Laggard: below average on both ratings (47% of all firms analysed).

luca mattiazzi biodiversità«We are really pleased to be recognised on a global scale. Sustainability has always been the lifeblood of Etica; it is the essence of who we are and what we believe,” said Luca Mattiazzi, Chief Executive Officer of Etica Funds. “We feel that investing in respect for the environment and for human rights is the key to achieving sustainable development, and we will keep pushing in this direction by engaging with our funds’ investee companies and bringing about positive change in the ESG area».

Etica Funds offers sustainable and responsible mutual investment funds. Our brand tries to go further: we offer a set of values, proposals and a responsible way of building tomorrow’s world,” said Giuseppe Leozappa, Marketing and Communication Manager at Etica. “We firmly believe that we must have the courage to grow further by strengthening our communication strategy and making our customers feel part of our story, our data and our results. A transparent and constructive approach that involves them in our actions and goals, such as this one».

Find out more on the H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index website.

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