The selection of Etica Obiettivo Sociale

Selezione Linea Futuri Responsabili Etica Sgr

Selection of Etica Obiettivo Sociale. The fund is designed for investors who aim to achieve moderate growth of their capital invested in line with the principles of sustainability, with a particular focus on aspects regarding the social impact of the investments, mitigating the volatility of the equity investment thanks to a strong bond component.

Negative selection

We say NO to investments in companies involved in activities or sectors such as alcohol, pornography, gambling, tobacco, arms production and fossil fuel use. In addition we exclude companies involved in negative episodes in the area of respect for human and workers’ rights, economic and social development, corruption and the environment.

We do not invest in the oil and mining sectors. It is suspended the financial sector i.e. investment companies, insurance industry and banking industry, except for Social and Sustainable Bonds issues.

We exclude securities from the portfolios that are issued by countries that have the death penalty or that do not guarantee civil liberties, freedom of the press and political rights.

Positive selection

We say YES to the opportunity to invest in companies that are more attentive to respect for human rights, to the quality of work, to supply chain management and to the impact on the community of the products and services offered, as well as having good corporate governance practices. For this reason, issuers that have passed the first selection are analysed in detail and assessed according to specific social and governance parameters and, subsequently, compared with the performance of their sector (“best in class” approach). The analysis is integrated with, among other things, the reputational risk measurement data linked to ESG themes of each issuer.

We also say YES to the opportunity to invest in more socially virtuous countries.

Only issuers that pass all the steps required by our methodology become part of the Investment Universe of the Etica Obiettivo Sociale fund.

Valutazione dei Social Bond | Etica Obiettivo Sociale

The nature of the Etica Obiettivo Sociale fund has meant that the financial instruments called Social Bonds have been allowed in the Investable Universe.

Valutazione dei FIA | Etica Obiettivo Sociale

The nature of the Etica Obiettivo Sociale fund has meant that the financial instruments called “alternative investment funds” (AIFs) have been allowed in the Investable Universe.


Marketing communication by Etica Sgr S.p.A.
Investors should conclude an investment transaction involving Etica Obiettivo Sociale Fund only after having fully understood their overall characteristics and degree of exposure to related risks, by carefully reading the Prospectus and the key investor information document (KID), which – together with information on sustainability pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 – can be found at The investment specifically concerns the acquisition of shares in the fund and involves risks related to possible changes in the share values, which are in turn affected by fluctuations in the value of the financial instruments in which the funds’ resources are invested. Investing in the Etica Obiettivo Sociale Fund offers no guarantee of return and does not ensure repayment of initially invested capital. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Any future returns are subject to taxation, which is based on the personal situation of each investor and may change in the future.
The investment goals, situation and financial needs of potential recipients have not been taken into account in the drafting of this communication. It can therefore in no way be interpreted as investment advice. The recipients of this communication assume full and absolute responsibility for the use of the information it contains, as well as for any investment decisions made on the basis thereof, since any use of the information as support for investment decisions is not permitted and is at the investor’s own risk.