International Investor Awards 2020, Etica Responsible Investor of the year

International Investor Awards 2020, Etica Sgr Responsible Investor of the year.

International Investor is both an online and printed journal that provides information through time sensitive news and insightful articles with visual informative pieces with topics ranging from world markets, industry analysis, breaking trends, investing opportunities and c- suite level interviews.

International Investor is proud to announce its recognition of excellence in all industries and at all levels, across the globe. The awards recognise the businesses that remain steady in delivering first rate service, opportunity, innovation and performance. In the midst of a global pandemic, these are the qualities that clients look for more than ever and our latest award winners are the companies they trust.

Etica SGR – Responsible Investor of the Year

Luca Mattiazzi, General Manager of Etica Funds, said, “This award is a great achievement that I’m very proud of. I am also proud to lead such a talented and motivated team that is spearheading an increasingly crowded and competitive market. For the future, we will strategically focus on our specific skills and our approach of continuous process improvement.”

International Investor Awards 2020: the nomination process

Early in the year, International Investor provides its subscribers with online surveys, the results of which are aggregated and a shortlist generated. This shortlist then gets passed on to the research team (made up of experienced business journalists) who analyse the selected companies based on a set of predetermined criteria.

The research team use both additional qualitative information provided to the journal by its subscribers within the survey and also information gathered from various media platforms. A recommendation is then made to the editorial team to sign off on the winner.

Criteria considered for Responsible Investor of the Year

Criteria of International Investor Awards considered for Responsible Investor of the Year include:

  • How is responsible investment interlaced within the DNA of the company? (this includes governance, policy and why it is important to the company).
  • Reporting and transparency.
  • Criteria and process for positive and negative screening.
  • Examples of a positive impact created by the company.
  • Examples of engagement on ESG with wider stakeholders.
  • Evidence of Innovation within the field.

Further information on International Investor website.

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