Funds People 2020 Stamp of approval: two Etica Sgr funds selected

Etica Balanced Class R and Etica Balanced Income Class I receive the Funds People 2020 stamp of approval

Funds People 2020 Stamp: our funds Etica Bilanciato Class R and Etica Rendita Bilanciata Class I have been awarded the Funds People 2020 Stamp, according to a study by the Analysis team. Funds People is a specialised magazine focusing on asset management services aimed at asset management professionals, with daily information.

More specifically Etica Bilanciato Class R is one of the best-selling funds on the market and for this reason received the FundsPeople stamp with a Blockbuster rating. 

Marchio Funds People 2020

Etica Rendita Bilanciata Class I is one of best-selling, most consistent funds on the market and for this reason it has received the Funds People stamp with a Blockbuster and Consistent rating. 

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Funds with the Funds People 2020 Stamp

The Italian market has more than 30,000 registered fund categories. The Funds People Analysis team, using a proprietary econometric model, has selected 1,078 products with the Funds People Stamp, which are highlighted for one or more of the three criteria detailed below:

  • Analysts’ Favourites – Rating
    These funds received a minimum of five fund selector votes in the annual survey conducted in Italy, Spain and Portugal. There are 50 funds registered in Italy with this rating.
  • Blockbuster – rating
    These are the best-selling funds in the market. These products held €200 million or more of assets in Italy as at 31 December 2019. For international funds, only the volume pertaining to Italian clients is taken into account, while for local funds it also includes the amount of inflows in the last three years (25% of the fund’s assets), (data from the Morningstar Direct platform). In Italy, there are 554 products with this rating.
  • Funds People Consistent –  rating
    The Analysis team, led by María Folqué, has developed a selection model precisely to distinguish the most consistent products in each category, using Morningstar Direct data from the last five years. In particular, they analyse the funds available for sale in Italy with a minimum track record of three years at the end of 2019. For each individual fund only one class is selected: the oldest available for sale in Italy.


A universe of 5,989 products is generated for the C rating analysis methodology, and each fund is compared with those in the same category using two scorecards. The first looks at the return and 3- and 5-year cumulative volatility criteria; the second uses return and closed cycle volatility data over the last five years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) to counter the cumulative effect. In both cases, return and volatility have a weight of 65% and 35% respectively. Funds ranked in the first quintile of return and volatility are filtered out and funds with less than €50 million worth of assets as at 31 December 2019 are also eliminated.

There are 609 Italian products with a Funds People Consistent 2020 rating. In the three cases, guaranteed money market, short-term fixed income and target-return funds are excluded from the analysis. Out of a total of 1,078 products, 21 funds were awarded Funds People triple ratings.

More information on the method used to assign the Funds People Stamp can be found on the Funds People website.

Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

Please read the Legal Notices.

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