The impact report 2018: the main results

Report di impatto 2018 Etica Sgr

The Impact Report is the main instrument with which we present the environmental, social and governance impact of our funds’ equity investments as compared with the market, taking the MSCI World index as the benchmark for the equity component.

In the document we measure the impact of our work in screening the securities and, since 2018, our engagement activity, specifically dialogue, with the firms in which our funds invest.

How we calculate impact

We measure the impact of our investments using indicators linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda global framework for sustainable development signed by the governments of 193 UN Member States to try and reconcile economic growth with social inclusion and environmental protection.

The impact report 2018: the main results

visual impact reporting

Why do we calculate impact

The Impact Report demonstrates with the force of numbers that it is possible to make a difference, showing clients and other stakeholders the concrete results of taking sustainability seriously. Those who have the planet’s sustainable development at heart can thus take informed investment decisions that combine growth and sustainability.

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