Top Fund Manager 2024 | Etica Funds won for the eighth time

For the eighth consecutive year, Etica Funds won the award for the Top Fund Manager 2024 by the German Quality and Finance Institute (ITQF), an independent entity, specialising in market research and comparisons between financial products in Europe[1]. The award was given in the Italian Medium category, which is for asset management companies with €5 to 50 billion under management.

Top Fund Manager 2024 | A triumph of continuity and commitment

Winning such an important award for the eighth time is no accident. The Top Fund Manager Award is evidence of our commitment to a transparent, responsible, and sustainable investment approach. It is also a tangible sign of our ability to adapt to market challenges and always provide innovative investment solution that respect the environment and human rights.

With a clear vision and constant commitment, we look to the future, aware of the importance of a diligent and rigorous management approach and a corporate philosophy based on the highest values.


To compile the rankings, the German Quality and Finance Institute used data from Morningstar, the world leader in independent investment research, comparing open-end funds from ten separate categories considered the most relevant in Italy:

  • Italian Equity
  • European Equity
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • Global Equity
  • Balanced Prudent
  • Balanced Aggressive
  • Balanced Flexible
  • Alternative
  • Government Bonds (Europe)
  • Corporate Bonds (Europe)

For each category, the comparison is based on two criteria:

  • Return of capital
  • Risk for savers

Return and risk, the two awarding criteria

More specifically, to be named a Top Fund Manager 2024, an analysis was conducted on the basis of two criteria that take into account return on capital as well as asset protection:

  • The average annual return for the last five years (reference period: 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2023);
  • risk expressed as the maximum observed loss over the last five years, or the maximum drawdown [3] .

The funds analysed within each category were classified according to their annual average performance and the maximum drawdown. The final score emerges after weighting the two numbers (2/3 for return, 1/3 for maximum drawdown).

The ranking of Top Fund Managers 2024 for funds distributed in Italy

A score was assigned to all the funds to compile the asset management company ranking based on position within the categories analysed.
All the funds distributed in Italy (only the retail classes) with a history of at least 5 years and assets under management of at least €7.5 million were considered, with only one class per fund (the oldest).
The same funds were included to recognise the sustainable funds but considered according to a high Morningstar Sustainability Rating, divided between Italian and international managers.

[1] Go to for more information
[2] Go to for more information
[3] Pat performance is not indicative of future returns.


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