Our contribution to the reforestation of the Veneto region

The project for reforestation of the Veneto region provides for the breeding of thousands of new trees, which will then be planted in the forests of Northern Italy destroyed last year by the Vaia Mediterranean cyclone.

It is difficult to forget those images depicting endless expanses of trees razed to the ground, as a result of heavy rainfall and extraordinary gusts of wind of over 150 km/hr. A catastrophe that transformed the landscape and which, in addition to the economic damage, also caused significant ecological damage for biodiversity due to the lack of gas absorption. Not forgetting the important brake action afforded by plants: the soil is now less compact and avalanches and landslides now have fewer obstacles in their way. In the case of the Veneto alone, it is reported that:  100,000 hectares were damaged including 28 thousand which were razed to the ground.

New life for the forests of the Veneto Region

So we decided to make a tangible contribution to the Veneto to enable it to recover from the situation supporting the growth of 1,000 new trees, composed of 180 beech, 150 birch, 270 mountain ash and 400 mountain maple trees. Every tree will be photographed and georeferenced and this will enable us to follow the history of every plant and the growth of the forest. The plants are presently in the nursery and during their lifecycle they will absorb 177,500 kg of CO2, to offset emissions made by our business operations.

The project for the reforestation of the Veneto region to which we subscribed is promoted by Treedom in a technical partnership with Veneto Agricoltura. Treedom is a web platform specialising in planting trees through the direct involvement of local farmers, with which we have collaborated in the past by planting 1,000 trees in Sicily and Africa. Veneto Agricoltura is the Venetian regional agency responsible for forestry and it works to protect plant and animal biodiversity.

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