Coupon class for income distribution

Investing for regular income

How they work

Class RD income distribution funds (providing annual coupons) give you the potential to receive regular income.  Besides exploiting the long-term growth potential of the markets, your investment can give you additional liquidity.


You can obtain annual earnings to top up your income.

The coupon allows you to benefit from the potential returns of your investment without having to make a refund transaction.

You can always modify your investment approach by switching from income distribution class to income accumulation in the same fund without additional costs.

Who are they suited for?

Etica Sgr’s Class RD income distribution funds are the ideal solution for those who wish to make socially responsible investments in a medium-long term perspective, and also obtain short-term economic gains. For example they are suited to working people with capital who wish to supplement their income or pensioners who choose to invest their severance package with the added advantage of an annual coupon.

Etica Sgr’s socially responsible Class RD income distribution funds combine the benefits of a potential annual coupon with the knowledge that you are investing responsibly.

You can obtain a regular coupon with our Etica Azionario, Etica Bilanciato, Etica Rendita Bilanciata, Etica Obbligazionario Misto and Etica Impatto Clima funds.

Before subscribing, please read the KIDs and Prospectus available from placing agents.

The placement of the “Linea Valori Responsabili” and “Linea Futuri Sostenibili” funds is only available in Italy. For further information, please refer to the Italian version of the website.