Shareholder Activism 2018

Among the engagement efforts foreseen for 2018, Etica Sgr will continue to work on the issues it has already tackled in 2017. We remain committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the programme of action that the governments of 193 UN Member States signed up to, to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development while exploring a number of specific areas more fully.


The main strategic areas of dialogue

The fields of dialogue that Etica Sgr sees as strategic in the medium-long term are:

  • Climate change: environmental policy and carbon emissions accounting, emissions reduction targets and low carbon economy projects, assessment of hydrological risk in plants and systems, and monitoring of the palm oil supply chain and cultivation.
  • Respect for human rights in the supply chain: policies and controls on responsible recruitment, audit reports on suppliers.
  • Taxation: transparent publication of tax information.

Fields to be explored further in 2018

The new areas to be tackled in 2018 include the introduction of certain topics and the broadening of our demands on others.

  • Water: reporting on water consumption and reduction targets, treating the problem as separate from climate change (which remains an issue in its own right).
  • Biodiversity: reporting the impact of deforestation and drawing up risk assessments, to tackle the theme independently from climate change.
  • Dignity of work: analysis of specific corporate indicators, extending the question of human rights beyond the supply chain.
  • Taxation: broadening the range of demands on the issue, requiring firms to introduce taxation policy and take action on governance and risk management.

Specific issues

Finally, partly in connection with specific sectors or companies, we will explore the following topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health
  • Governance
  • Disputes
  • IT Security


Etica Sgr has always been committed to furthering sustainable and responsible investment and views engagement as an indispensable and strategic part of its work. Engagement is not limited to the shareholders’ meetings at which we exercise our voting rights, but is built by continual dialogue throughout the year.

Our efforts are aimed primarily at urging companies to think about and act on environmental, social, governance issues, and for this reason we work together with our corporate interlocutors to lead them down the path towards improvement. This is especially important today, when governments, companies and the public are called to do more to achieve sustainable development.

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