Etica Sgr, for the second time, attended and voted to Prysmian Shareholders meeting held in Milan on April 18, 2012.
Etica has voted for all agenda items and intervened with management to complimenting the good level of the Group’s reporting activities, wishing for a gradual achievement of a greater range of social indicators that will communicate quantitative, annual and measurable targets to arrive to the drafting of a comprehensive Sustainability Report for all stakeholders’ benefit.
The company President, Mr Zannoni, has promised more commitment to improve social and environmental reporting, extending it even to foreign companies already in the current year. The Prysmian CEO has also stressed that, for foreign plants, there is already a strong focus of the Group on health and safety issues.
Etica Sger has also stressed the importance of adopting specific human rights politicies, aspecially regarding the supply chain.
About the environmental issue, Etica Sgr wanted to underline the importance of sustainable use of the resource “water” in the production process. It also asked Prysmian for information regarding the use of energy from renewable sources, inviting the management to take it more into account instead of traditional types of energy production.
Finally, regarding the renewal of the Board of Directors, Etica Sgr has endorsed a slate of candidates (with two women in it).

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