Luxottica | 2014

For the first year Etica Sgr joined Luxottica‘s AGM, held in Milan on April, 29th 2014. Etica Sgr voted for all items in agenda, except for the proposal to approve remuneration report, from which Etica Sgr abstained.
Etica Sgr also appreciated Luxottica’s attention to social responsibility issues and it called for a greater effort on reporting, through the publication of a sustainability report, highlighting how such a choice may lead to an improvement in operating efficiency and leadership in the market, a strengthening of the brand position and reputation and to better management of the supply chain.
Given the presence of Luxottica at the international level, Etica Sgr required for the adoption of specific policies regarding the human rights respect and a commitment to increase the involvement of suppliers, including through the adoption of a selection system related to socio-environmental performance.
In addition, Etica Sgr has required the adoption of an environmental policy, which would include both current performance and the targets to be achieved in terms of emissions, use of water resources, waste management and energy, to extend also to the supply chain.
In terms of remuneration policy, Etica Sgr noted the lack of detailed information on the indicators linked to the variable component of remuneration and it suggested the introduction of specific socio-environmental targets. Finally, Etica Sgr asked the difference between the medium compensation of Luxottica’s employees and CEO’s one.

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