Diasorin | 2015

For the second year, Etica Sgr attended and voted at the shareholders’ meeting of Diasorin held in Milan on 22 April 2015. Etica Sgr attended at the shareholders’ meeting to call management’s attention to some aspects linked to corporate sustainability.

Etica Sgr expressed a favourable vote to approving the financial statements and to the allocation of the profit, considering that the proposed payout level demonstrates a certain balance in Diasorin’s decisions between objectives of internal growth and payment of dividends to shareholders. On the issue of the remuneration policy, an item on which Etica Sgr abstained, there was a lack of comprehensive information on the importance of each individual target and the individual objectives to be achieved to obtain the short and long-term variable remuneration, making it impossible to understand the actual correspondence between fees paid and performances achieved. It was suggested that Diasorin introduce clawback clauses and, among the parameters underlying the definition of the variable components of the remuneration of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer and the other Managers with Strategic Responsibilities, the provision of objectives of a social and environmental nature, including, for example, the percentage of complaints received, the overall reduction of CO2 emissions and the rate of procurement of energy from renewable sources. Etica Sgr also asked the Company to publish the figure relating to the existing ratio between the average remuneration of Diasorin employees and that of the Chief Executive Officer.

Etica Sgr, during its speech at the shareholders’ meeting, congratulated the Company’s management on the good results achieved by the Group and on the publication of the first Sustainability Report, as requested by Etica Sgr last year. Etica Sgr said that it hoped for an increasing commitment to reporting and the institution of a specific company unit to which to assign responsibility for adopting social responsibility policies. It also invited Diasorin to consider joining a Group certification process as part of health and safety and in connection to respect of human rights. Finally, Etica Sgr invited Diasorin to consider the “Water” questionnaire promoted by the Carbon Disclosure Project, aimed at obtaining improved reporting on the management of water in production sites.

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