1 billion of AUM

Etica Sgr, the asset management company of Banca Popolare Etica Group, reaches the milestone of € 1 billion of assets under management for Valori Responsabili mutual funds. This result was achieved thanks to the excellent development of net inflows and to the good performances of funds, managed ​​by Anima.

As of 30 June 2014, the assets managed by Valori Responsabili mutual funds ​​amounted to € 1.04 billion, net inflows in the first half of 2014 were € 218 million, while the number of customers grew to 56,000 (+46% YTD). The share in the Italian ethical funds market amounted to 47% (source: Assogestioni, as of 31 March 2014).
“This is a historic achievement. Today Etica Sgr is a reliable company on the market, able to offer diversified services to all types of investors. July figures confirm a trend of steady growth. Assogestioni latest survey shows that in the Italian market of ethical mutual funds, one investor out of two chooses us” said Ugo Biggeri, Chairman of Etica Sgr.
“When our company was founded, more than ten years ago, the market was very different. In Italy there was little knowledge of ethical finance. We have come a long way since then: investors have matured the need for a more responsible use of savings, the need for transparent products, and linked to the real economy, but at the same time able to offer good performances ” said Alessandra Viscovi, CEO of Etica Sgr.

Responsible finance Etica Sgr
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