US-UK Political Contribution Disclosure Initiative

In May 2013 Etica Sgr, together with a group of investor members of the PRI, sent a letter to some UK companies belonging to the FTSE 100 with the aim of raising the awareness of UK companies about disclosure in relation to funding and donations to political parties and membership in political lobbies. The letter asked the UK companies for greater transparency in the reporting of payments made and membership in political lobbies, including based upon the Code of Ethics adopted by those companies.

The initiative, organised by Boston Common Asset Management and Sarasin, will be implemented with the presentation of motions in the shareholders’ meetings of the companies. In addition, all the companies that have had disputes with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) will be involved.

On 3.6.2013 the letter was sent to 29 companies of the FTSE 100, which had an item regarding donations to political parties in the shareholders’ meeting agenda.

At 3.6.2013, 32 investors, representing 211 billion dollars, had joined the initiative.


Before subscribing, please read the KIDs and Prospectus available from placing agents.

The placement of the “Linea Valori Responsabili” and “Linea Futuri Sostenibili” funds is only available in Italy. For further information, please refer to the Italian version of the website.


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