Netiquette Banca Etica Group

What is Netiquette

Netiquette is a portmanteau of network and etiquette. It is a set of rules that we have given ourselves for communicating on social media in the best way possible.

About us

The Banca Etica network is comprised of Banca Etica, Etica Sgr, CreSud, Fondazione Finanza Etica, Fiare Banca Etica and Fundación Finanzas Éticas, and it proposes financial services as well as promotes cultural, environmental and humanitarian issues in order to disseminate the principles of Ethical Finance.

Etica is an asset management company (SGR) that exclusively offers sustainable and responsible mutual funds designed to “represent the values of ethical finance in financial markets and focus the attention of the public on socially responsible investment and corporate social responsibility”.

Core values

The different Banca Etica Network companies are on social media so that they can communicate our values to you, values such as:

  • Commitment and participation – We believe that finance is everyone’s business.
  • Enthusiasm and belonging – We want to change the world, and we take action to do so.
  • Transparency, seriousness and practicality – We don’t keep secrets about our investors or our investments.
  • Communication and dialogue – We want to hear what you have to say.
  • Efficiency and people first – For a positive and engaging experience.
  • Gender equality and simplicity – We respect all differences, including gender, and we speak to everyone as frankly as possible.
  • Engagement and strength in unity – We go beyond surface issues to give more power to the change we want to see.

What do we talk about on our social media?

  • our businesses, opinions, events, news
  • stories and projects connected to the world of Banca Etica Group
  • news on ethical finance
  • useful information for using our products and services
  • promotional messages 
  • help and assistance with any problems

Our language

We use the first person plural. When we talk about Banca Etica Group companies, we use “we” because we are talking about everyone who is part of the project, no matter what their role is: women and men who are administrators, employees, partners, customers, suppliers. 

We’re informal when we talk to people, so that we can be direct. Our conversations are informal so that we can create a relationship on equal footing. We issue clear and direct invitations, to allow anyone who comes to us to understand simply and immediately how to commit themselves to ethical finance and what answers ethical finance can offer to the needs of each and every person.

Professionalism when using technical language We are a banking group, and we cannot be casual when it comes to discussing the technical aspects of a product or service. To make ourselves immediately understandable, we use data and examples.

Communication from Banca Etica Groups is inclusive and respectful of differences, including gender. 

Response times

All Banca Etica Group communication channels are moderated Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Response times vary based on the type of request. We will go above and beyond to respond to requests with passion and dedication and as quickly as possible.

Community rules

Everyone has the right to post and express their opinion, as long as they do so respectfully and without insulting other people. Civil discourse is always preferred, even if we have different opinions.

  • We ask that you avoid the systematic and continuous use of capital letters. On the web, this is equivalent to shouting, a form of communication not appreciated, not even in the real world.
  • Keep personal information private. It is important to keep your bank account details, credentials and addresses private.
  • Aggression is the enemy of effective and constructive communication. 

We reserve the right to moderate content, including

  • Comments which are contrary to the principles of ethical finance.
  • Content which contains insults, profanity, threats or attitudes that harm personal dignity and the principles of freedom and equality. Content which is discriminatory and/or offensive towards other people, companies, organisations, associations or those who manage and moderate the social media pages. Insults are never constructive discourse.
  • News and theories which are not verified and passed off as true or off topic comments; 
  • Provocative, irritating or simply nonsense content with the sole aim of disrupting communication and trolling.
  • Content which contains confidential data.
  • Repeated posts and marketing spam.
  • Posts which violate copyright.

Moderators reserve the right to block anyone who repeatedly breaks these rules in order to prevent counterproductive posts. 

Happy posting!


The processing of personal data complies with the policies in use on the social media platforms used. Sensitive data posted in public comments on social media channels will be deleted. Data shared by people through private messages will be processed in compliance with Italian privacy laws.

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