Straumann | 2013

For the first year, on April 5, 2013, Etica Sgr voted, through web platform, at the shareholder general meeting of Straumann, a Swiss Company operating in implant and restorative dentistry and oral tissue regeneration.

It was voted in favor of all items in agenda, except for the proposal concerning the election of one Director out of 8, because of the lack of a real independence (he is Straumann’s director since 11 years).

Etica Sgr appreciated the information transparency of the remuneration plan, in particular related to variable remuneration component and that the 2012 CEO remuneration has been decreased compared to 2011. However Etica Sgr proposed to set the Clawback Provision I and a maximum cap even for short term bonuses in the remuneration policy. Moreover Etica Sgr suggested the introduction of remunerations scheme linked to ESG issues goal.

Etica Sgr would appreciate a lower payout ratio in order to maintain income inside the company and not for shareholders.

Lastly Etica Sgr suggests the Strauman should create a Nomination Committee and consider a higher level of gender diversity in the Board of Directors (currently there is no any woman on Straumann Board).


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