INDESIT | 2011

On May 3, 2011 Etica Sgr voted at each item on the agenda in shareholders’ meeting with a positive vote and it expressed appreciation for the brilliant results obtained in 2012, for the big effort to unify the Sustainability Report, and for important attention that management always dedicates to Etica Sgr instances. Etica Sgr asked for updates about the restructuring cases involving None, Refrontolo and Brembate establishments. About the governance, Etica Sgr appreciates that Indesit wants to introduce particular parameters related to achievement of environmental and social targets. It has underlined the women appointment and recruitment in top management and the support of the Company about the reconciliation of work and private life. Etica Sgr suggested to detail in a better way some GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators about the environment and to make a more comprehensive and detailed social and environmental report trough a stronger monitoring.

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