ConAgra Foods | 2015

For the third year, on 25 September 2015, Etica Sgr voted at the annual shareholders’ meeting of ConAgra Foods, a US company active in the food sector, drawing the attention of management to some aspects linked to corporate sustainability.

Etica Sgr expressed a favourable vote on all items on the agenda.

No criticisms were raised on the composition of the Board of ConAgra Foods and therefore a favourable vote was expressed to the election of the twelve proposed directors. As regards the Company’s remuneration policy, the report contains good detail on the indicators considered in the calculation of the variable components, presents maximum and minimum thresholds for the payment of bonuses and includes clawback clauses for all incentives paid by Conagra. However, some points of improvement were highlighted, such as the lack of environmental, social and governance parameters (ESG) and the ratio existing between the salary of the Chief Executive Officers and that of the average of the employees. Finally, a vote was made in favour of the ratification of the independent auditing company.

In addition, in a letter sent to the Company, Etica Sgr requested information on some disputes relating to health and safety, both of workers and of consumers, and environmental issues, identified from some sources.

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