A new fund has opened: Etica Rendita Bilanciata

Etica Rendita Bilanciata, the balanced bond fund which invests up to a maximum of 40% of the portfolio in shares, with the possibility of opting to collect an annual COUPON. This is always in compliance with the principles of social and environmental responsibility and good governance.
A product recommended for those aiming to achieve a moderate increase in value of the invested capital, with an approach able to temper the volatility of the equity investment due to a solid bond base.

  • There is the option to choose to support, contributing 0.1% of the invested capital, MICROCREDIT projects in Italy and CROWDFUNDING initiatives with high social and environmental impact.

The fund is available for retail clients in TWO CLASSES:

  • Class R – with accumulation of income. To aim for capital growth in the medium-long term.
  • Class RD – with distribution of income. To generate the potential of a periodic return.


The fund does not have entry, exit or performance FEES. Fixed charges amounting to 12 Euros are applied for each subscription in a lump sum (PIC) or for the first payment of the accumulation plans (PAC).

Etica Sgr’s funds are distributed across Italy by over 200 placing agents including banks, financial advisor networks and online distributors. The full list of placing agents can be found in the WHERE TO SUBSCRIBE section of the website.

Click here to FIND OUT NOW all the DETAILS of the fund.


Before subscribing, please read the Prospectus and KIIDs available from placing agents. The placement of the “Sistema Valori Responsabili” funds is only available in Italy.


Responsible finance
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