The German government considers Shareholders for Change (SfC) a “good practice”

Shareholders for Change, or SfC, is a network of European institutional investors that, as shareholders, are involved in the active engagement of companies. Etica Funds is a founding member of the network and hosted its constitution in 2017.

On 25 February 2021, the Sustainable Finance Committee of the German government released its final report: “Shifting the trillions. A sustainable financial system for the great transformation”.

Shareholders for change

With 31 recommendations, the report aims to provide a roadmap to show how capital markets can contribute to sustainable development in the best possible way.

Shareholders for Change cited in Recommendation #31

One of the recommendations (number 31) refers to the “engagement of institutional investors” and recommends “sharing information and background research” with investor platforms like Arbeitskreis Kirchlicher Investoren (AKI), CRIC e. V., Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance and Shareholders for Change!

We are absolutely delighted to receive this recognition. Etica Funds is an early promoter and founding member of SfC and even hosted the network’s constitution at its Milanese headquarters. We are thrilled that the German government has recognised our work. It is an honour and a challenge to work side-by-side with other ethical investment leaders beyond national borders. Moreover, this is a truly European project in which the value that we can create together exceeds the sum of the individual companies,” announced Luca Mattiazzi, General Manager of Etica Funds.

We are extremely proud to be cited in this report as a good practice in the field of engagement with companies and countries on social, environmental and governance issues,” said Tommy Piemonte, Head of Sustainable Investment Research at Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG, a German founding member of Shareholders for Change.

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