Just transition to an economy with a low impact on the climate. Etica Sgr signs the Statement

To support the just transition to an economy with a low impact on the climate: Etica Sgr has signed the statement of commitment.

The initiative ‘Statement of Investor Commitment to Support a Just Transition on Climate Change’ came about as a result of the events we took part in with PRI e ICCR.

This issue is fundamental to us, particularly because of the engagement activities to be carried out in 2019 for the new Etica Impatto Clima fund.

Transizione giusta

What investors can do about the transition to a low-impact economy

As sustainable and responsible investors, we believe the strategies required to tackle climate change should of course cover the environmental dimension, but they cannot be separated from the social and governance (ESG) dimensions.

There is a growing recognition that the social dimension of the transition to a resilient economy and low carbon emissions requires more attention. Especially in terms of the implications for the workforce and, more broadly, for the community. Achieving a just transition, in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, will help to accelerate climate action to to attain Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

What is in the Statement?

The Statement specifically relates to a commitment to act in one or more of the following areas.

  1. Investment strategy: to incorporate workplace and community issues into climate change policies and investment beliefs, stakeholder dialogue and investment mandates.
  2. Corporate engagement: to include the workforce and community issues in engagement activities relating to the company’s climate-related practices, scenarios and disclosure.
  3. Capital allocation decisions: to design investment mandates across all asset classes that combine decarbonisation, climate resilience, decent work, and inclusive growth.
  4. Policy promotion and partnerships: to support the inclusion of a just transition in regional, national and international policies and to contribute to partnerships based on location.
  5. Learning & transparency: to develop systems to review and communicate the progress made in terms of just transition activities and to share best practices.

In particular, at least during the initial phase, Etica Sgr’s efforts will focus on point 2: Corporate engagement.

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