ESG Consulting

Clients who wish to integrate their financial decisions with social responsibility criteria can rely on our qualified support with a range of services tailored to their specific needs.

Who it is aimed at

ESG Consulting (the acronym stands for environmental, social and governance) is aimed at institutional investors (e.g. banks, pension funds, insurance funds, asset management companies, insurance companies, religious organizations) and consists in a series of services to help those who wish to integrate their investment decisions with analysis and attention to questions of social responsibility, in order to:

Avoid reputational risks due to investments in securities belonging to potentially controversial issuers.

Reduce the potential risks deriving from behaviour which disregards sustainability.

Pay greater attention to the nature of one’s financial investments without neglecting opportunities for returns.

Support top management in achieving transparent accounting of their adherence to sustainability criteria.



We analyze existing securities portfolios using a methodology agreed with the client to arrive at a social responsibility score based on our analysts’ rating of the individual financial instruments.


We work with our clientele to identify corporate decisions or sectors deemed “controversial”, in order to draw up black lists of securities in which they choose not to invest. This service can be combined with the screening of the portfolio to monitor the ESG profile of one’s investment holistically.


We build “Investable Universes” made up of securities/issuers selected on the basis of agreed ESG criteria and in line with the client’s specific demands. Portfolio managers can therefore focus their investment strategies inside a pre-established perimeter.


We work alongside clients to help them contact and build dialogue with the management of the firms in which they invest, raising ESG issues and providing the tools to engage with companies as active and informed shareholders.


Etica Sgr has for years been a member of the major international networks in socially responsible investment. Thanks to our solid experience, we can give institutional investors concrete support in backing international campaigns on social responsibility issues and help them broaden their network of contacts with other socially responsible investors in Italy or overseas.